Welcome to EAITA

The East Africa Interpreters and Translators Association (EAITA), was established in 2016 for translators and interpreters in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. EAITA’s membership is open to all linguists who have proven qualifications and experience in translation and interpreting.

Highly Skilled members

All our members are well trained and well versed with modern translation and interpreting trends including the use of technology in carrying out their work.

Membership benefits

Our members enjoy many benefits including receiving a membership certificate, listing on the website, permission to use EAITA’s logo on their business cards, letterheads, and subsidised rates on all EAITA events

Great networking opportunities

EAITA members enjoy networking opportunities through conferences and events that bring together language professionals from around the world.


We have a pool of interpreters and translators working in African, European and Asian languages. All our members are well trained language professionals.

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EAITA’s main objectives are to unite translators and interpreters and advance their interests by bringing recognition to their profession, offer certification and accreditation to translators and interpreters, advance and champion for the rights and interests of translators and interpreters in the East African region