Paul Warambo

Position: English - Swahili, Swahili -English, English -Dholuo, Dholuo - English
Phone: +254723811167
Categories: translators
Location: Translators

Warambo, is currently a lead translation expert in Kenya and East Africa. Warambo has been translating from English to Kiswahili for more than 10 years. Warambo, who holds a masters degree in Kiswahili Studies from the University of Nairobi has a very outstanding translation profile. He has a wide experience in technical translation in areas such as; legal, government, politics, policy framework, art, literature, medical, pharmaceutical and health, IT. Warambo has translated for local, and international organizations. He is a member of, a world-wide community of professional translators across the world and East Africa Interpreters and Translators Association. In addition to being a PhD student, in translation studies, Warambo has published translation related articles in International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. The current short story anthology text which is used a setbook in teacher training colleges in Kenya has been translated by Warambo and published by East African Educational Publishers in a collection titled “Vazi la Mhudumu na Hadithi Nyingine”.

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